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Quilt Builder Card Decks Discussion

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Hi Everybody,

I am LeAnn Benton. Welcome to my channel. I am an art teacher and fiber artist. I love making quilts, applique quilts, and just basically anything quilty.

Last week on episode 01 of my blog. I spoke about the start of my quilting journey. It is always interesting how quilters get started. It is often a family member that started them out and influenced them during their early years. Another big motivator to introduce people to the craft is babies. When there are babies involved, where people just seem to want to create something for a new baby, and isn’t a snuggly quilt perfect for that. And then again there is the person who is just drawn to quilting because that is what is meant to be. However you arrived, it is where you were meant to be. At least that is how I feel.

I am a list maker. I like to be prepared, I arrive early to appointments, and I am somewhat organized. I also have a healthy to do list There are so many quilts that I want to make and so many blocks I want to try. So I thought, why not make a Sampler Quilt. That way I can enjoy my hobby, get some projects completed and explore all the different types of blocks that are out there in the world.

That is when I happened upon Quilt Builder Card Decks

There is also a second one that included more cards

Each set has 50 (4x4) cards. Each cards consists of a quilt block with name, and example, and measurements you will need to create the block. There are 40 block cards. The additional cards tell about info on how to use the block chars, layouts for a variety of quilt types, side and corner triangles for diagonal settings, yardage for quilt backing, and other information that is useful as you complete the blocks.

The first card is Art Square. As I was looking at the pattern I noticed that if the triangle units were turned it would create a Saw Tooth Square Block. It is just crazy how there are so many possibilities. So join me weekly for a sew along on my youtube page. I will pull a card and you can join in to create a beautiful block. I can’t wait to see you soon.

I hope you like, subscribe, and follow me as I go down the rabbit hole of quilting and all things quilty.

See you next time

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